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Residential And Commercial Land Use And Zoning Lawyer

Representing Clients in Monterey and Salinas, California

Zoning / Building Code / Environmental Violations

With increasing frequency, government agencies charge landowners with violations of zoning, building code, or environmental law. The penalties for these violations can be extraordinary. In many cases, however, an attorney can help you navigate the administrative process to achieve full compliance with the government.

Many issues can arise affecting both residential and commercial developers. These issues can stall construction, costing builders and developers thousands, of dollars in labor and lost time. Often an unforeseen challenge presents itself, such as an overlooked permit or variance.

Avoid Red Tape And Move Your Project Forward

A lawyer experienced with California regulatory and zoning agencies understands how to avoid red tape and how to pursue the most effective route to procuring entitlements. Architects and contractors can save days or weeks of lost labor and delay by working with a seasoned land use and zoning attorney to ensure that zoning rules and regulations are followed and the appropriate permits and variances are promptly obtained.

Even experienced construction professionals do not always understand every aspect of current zoning regulations. If you are in violation of a zoning ordinance, it may be in your best interest to seek experienced legal counsel to ensure that your options for an permit or variance are effectively pursued and that injunctions and criminal charges are avoided.

Attaining The Permits, Variances And Entitlements Needed

I have over 30 years of land use and zoning experience and can effectively assess the issues and obstacles to any zoning or variance issue. For example, if your property is zoned commercial and you want to put up a hotel, but the zoning map doesn't show your property as being zoned for this, I can pursue the necessary legal avenues with the city or other government agencies to attain the required permits and variances for your project. I have helped numerous residential and commercial clients move forward. If you need a variance for your art gallery, restaurant, hotel or other commercial or residential building, contact me today.

Meeting Your Real Estate Law Needs

In addition to permits and variances, I have decades of experience helping clients with:

  • Restrictive covenants
  • Easements and implied easements
  • Tax Assessment, map mistakes
  • Adverse possession
  • Lot line disputes

My firm, the law firm of Robert J. Ernst III, Attorney at Law, has the skill you need to affect zoning and petition for variances. With over 30 years of experience, I understand how zoning works and how to effectively move projects forward. From my office in Monterey, California, I help property owners be proactive in complying with local construction regulations throughout the Monterey Bay area. Call 831-753-6125 or fill out the online contact form and I will contact you promptly.