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Just Compensation For Takings

When property is condemned by a government agency, a property owner has the right to obtain compensation for the property's highest and best use. Learning the fair value of the taking requires the analysis of specialists, and legal counsel.

Experienced Lawyer Takes Takings Cases Throughout the Monterey Bay area

If your residential, commercial or agricultural property is being considered for condemnation in the Monterey Bay area, California, contact me, Robert Ernst, eminent domain lawyer and discuss your case. I have more than 30 years of experience as a real estate and eminent domain lawyer working to protect the rights of land owners.

Appreciation and Highest and Best Use

Your property value may be appreciating. Your land may be ideally suited for development. Obtaining the value for the highest and best use of your property requires the representation of experienced counsel.

Business Valuation

Businesses subject to eminent domain may be entitled to special damages and relocation costs. Evaluation of the full impact of condemnation on your business requires expert analysis.

Just Compensation for Unique Property Design or Improvements

Explore ways that expert opinion may bolster your case for just compensation for your private property. Have unique improvements been made to your existing printing press office or commercial laundry building that will be difficult to replicate elsewhere? What will the loss of good will of your existing customer base mean to your business? What are realistic relocation costs?

Convincing the Condemning Authority of your Right to Just Compensation

I am a dedicated eminent domain attorney ready and prepared to convince the condemning authority of your unique or special financial needs when your property will be taken via eminent domain.

My depth and breadth of experience in a wide range of real estate and business related legal matters also includes issues of water law, construction law, and non profit organizations. I can help ensure you receive the true and just value for your property. I can help. Call 831-753-6125 or fill out this online contact form and I will get in touch with you promptly. I represent clients in Salinas and the Monterey Bay area.