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Eminent Domain: Fact And Fiction

The most common myth about eminent domain is that there is nothing you can do about it. Many people, when confronted by a powerful agency, acquiesce. But cities and governments must also operate under the law. And the law states that a property owner must be justly compensated.

Receiving Just Compensation Is Your Right

An attorney can ensure two things: first that the "taking" of the property is truly for the public good and second, that you receive truly fair compensation. This compensation not only considers the "fair market value" but also takes into account the damage incurred to the remaining property. A railroad, highway or large structure often causes a significant decrease in the remaining property's value. This is rarely, if ever calculated into the "fair market value" by the governmental agency. You need help determining whether you can recover damages for the property not taken, but which is affected by the taking.

A Recent Case Highlights The Merits Of Effective Representation

In a recent case in San Benito County I represented a property owner who had a parcel of dry grazing land. Because of the location and beautiful views it offered, the land was ideal for development into a residential subdivision with large lots. The city wanted to take a small portion of the land and construct a water tank on it. The city offered the property owners $60,000 for the land to build the water tank. Not convinced that he was being paid what his property was actually worth what is termed "just compensation," the property owner hired me represent him.

I found that the city was under-bidding for the land and was not considering the damage that the water tank would create for the remaining, surrounding property. What was once a pristine site with a breathtaking vista was now dominated by a metal tank. I took the case to the city, stating the true damages were $500,000. The city responded by saying it did not have the funds to pay that much for the land. A settlement was worked out and the property owner got $150,000, more than twice the initial offer. Additionally, once the water tank was constructed, the land was actually more desirable to the owner because he and his prospective development partner could use the water supplied by the tank.

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