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Often property owners first learn of the possibility that their land will be condemned by private utilities or governments through rumors or in the news. Legislatures hold hearings and pass laws which later translate into neighborhood hearings and, eventually, condemnation notices. Or, a utility or a government agency may damage your property. You may have a case for inverse condemnation. Or, a government agency may determine that you may not use or develop your property. You may have a case for inverse condemnation.

When Property Condemnation Looms on the Horizon

It is natural for you to feel shock. Far too many homeowners and commercial property investors and landlords have been given little time to absorb the loss of their property when they are notified of the condemnation. There may be a temptation to "wait and see" if the eminent domain threat blows over. However, it is important to be proactive and contact an experienced condemnation attorney. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the true value which includes the damage suffered to the remaining property for your land or home. The "fair market" value that is offered is often not the true value.

When Notice of Condemnation has been Served

Once a government body serves a condemnation notice, that municipality or other government entity may act swiftly. Once the notice has been delivered or served on the property owner, the occupants may have little time to vacate the premises. For this reason, early discussions with a well-established condemnation attorney offer a valuable opportunity to be proactive and plan a strategy of success.

Fight for a Fair Outcome in your Property Condemnation Case

Success in some cases may mean avoidance of the condemnation. In other cases, it may mean negotiating for value at the highest and best use, as compensation for the government taking, plus generous relocation costs. Success may mean winning approval for a delay in vacating the premises. Or it may mean compelling the government to pay out compensation in a timely manner. If your property has been damaged by government or a public utility, you should not wait to determine whether you are entitled to recover damages for your loss.

Inverse Condemnation

Sometimes property owners who are seeking permits to develop their property are completely stymied by the government agency’s regulations. If this has happened to you, you may face a “regulatory taking.” Although these cases are difficult to develop and prove, you should seek advice on how to proceed.

Contact an Experienced Monterey Condemnation Attorney

Your particular property, your particular situation, and your particular desired outcome are unique. There is no substitute for qualified legal counsel in property condemnation cases. Learn how property appraisal by expert appraisal services may help forestall government low balling and below-market compensation offers.

Contact me, experienced Salinas and Monterey condemnation lawyer Robert J. Ernst, to discuss strategies for obtaining fair market value for your property when eminent domain is a reality. I will help. Call my office at 831-753-6125 or fill out this online contact form and I will get in touch with you promptly.