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Robert J. Ernst

For over 30 years my law firm, Robert J. Ernst III, Attorney at Law, has protected the rights of property owners along the coast and inland. With deep roots in Northern California, I have a profound understanding of the culture, coastline and culture of California.

A Reputation For Effective Real Estate Legal Representation

The goal of any case — whether it be eminent domain, water rights, civil litigation or estate planning — is to get the job done and to get it done efficiently and effectively. At some time or another, most of us need a legal professional to step in. I work to provide highly effective service at a reasonable rates. I offer clear advice on whether you have a case or not, what the potential timeline of the case might be and what I can do to help. There are often many other viable options beside drawn out litigation and I will candidly discuss those options with you. Most of all I will ensure that you are not taken advantage of and receive full compensation for the true value for your property.

Understanding California's Water Law And Water Rights

As the former chairman of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Management District, I understand coastal property issues and values Few, attorneys have the insight and understanding of this area's permit, construction and development laws. Taking a pragmatic approach, I will work to see that your real estate issue is resolved effectively and efficiently.

A Passionate Advocate For Property Owners

Eminent domain, land use, water law and civil litigation are all areas of the law that I take a special interest and have niche experience in. As a lawyer who is a sole practitioner, I am able offer personal service and offer a keener legal insight drawn from over 30 years of focused experience. Passionate and involved, I will pursue the protection of your civil and property rights diligently. I also offer civil litigation services, as well as will and trust creation and advice.

The law firm of Robert J. Ernst III, Attorney at Law, is your advocate for just compensation in an eminent domain purchase. As a strong believer in private property rights, I work diligently and effectively to ensure property owners are justly compensated. Call 831-753-6125 or fill out the online contact form and I will contact you. Serving clients in Salinas and the Monterey Bay area, California, in real estate law for over 30 years.