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An experienced lawyer fighting for just compensation in eminent domain issues throughout the Salinas and Monterey Bay areas for over 30 years

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Serving Clients in Monterey, Salinas, Hollister and Santa Cruz and the greater Monterey Bay area

With a focus on eminent domain and civil litigation, I help Northern California clients protect themselves against the government taking their land without proper compensation. Proper compensation is not fair market value. Grazing and farm lands and coastal property are often undervalued by the government but many people sell to the government before really investigating the value of their land, home or farm.

I have over 30 years of experience in eminent domain, or condemnation. My experience and knowledge of the nuances and changes in the law set me apart from younger firms and allow me to more effectively advise my clients as to their options. I have helped of clients protect the true value of their property and not be taken advantage of by an eminent domain buyout. I pursue and often get the true value by investigating the full impact and range of potential damages. I have helped clients protect the true value of their homes, businesses and land in Monterey, Salinas, and Hollister.

Getting A Fair Settlement From The Condemning Agency

It happens over and over again. A condemning agency tells a property owner is told that the government will take his or her land, like it or not. The government claims its offer is fair market value. In fact, most property owners do not have any idea whether what the condemning agency is offering is fair. There are many contributing factors that can dramatically increase a property's value. It is understandable that a property owner does not want to spend money on legal representation only to find that they will not receive any more for their property than the government's initial offer. However, that there are numerous cases where an eminent domain attorney can help property owners recover substantially more money than that initial offer. What is necessary is an effective analysis that takes into consideration the potential damages and the different types of damages. I am a seasoned Northern California eminent domain attorney who will diligently pursue your rightful value whether the government is constructing a new highway, railroad, municipal building, water tower or other structure. Protect what is yours. Get the full value. 

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Call the law firm of Robert J. Ernst III, Attorney at Law, at 831-753-6125 and speak me. Or fill out the online contact page and I will get in touch with you. I represent clients in the Monterey Bay Area, including Monterey, Salinas, Hollister and Santa Cruz.

About Our Law Firm
For over 30 years my law firm, Robert J. Ernst III, Attorney at Law, has protected the rights of property owners along the coast and inland. With deep roots in California, I have a profound understanding of the culture, coastline and culture of the Monterey Bay Area.

Singular Coastal Property Experience

As the former chairman of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Management District attorney, I understand coastal property issues and values to a degree and breadth that few other attorneys do. My extensive experience with permit issues involving construction and development allows me to effectively advise and represent clients with coastal property and water law and water rights issues. If you require a variance or need to explore ways to "work around" rules because of a unique situation or unprecedented circumstance, I can help.